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I Am So Screwed!

Posted by jamesseetoo on June 14, 2009

Or something like that is what usually is going through your mind when you’re told your job is being eliminated. Hey, it’s happened to me twice, this time very recently and although you’re told that it’s not a “performance issue” the fact remains that on a date certain you’re not going to a job where someone is paying you money to do XY and Z.

Is it right to feel uncertain and royally pissed? Of course it is so take a few minutes, find a quiet place to scream into the wind, curse out your ex-bosses and use every stored up colorful cultural invective you’ve picked up over the years and ideally never used in front of your mother.

Feel better?

Good, now let’s get on to something that’ll help you move on to your next opportunity and y’know, it’s going to be a better opportunity as long as you approach it that way. You see, having recruited a lot – and I do mean a lot of people over the past few years, most of the time it takes something like this to get you out of your comfort zone. True, not everyone likes or can live on the edge all the time but it’s when you’re out of your comfort zone that the biggest and most profound development takes place.

So when my boss told me that my job was being eliminated (after two major projects were just about to be completed) I practically jumped for joy. Yes, it’s a “bad” economy and I probably wouldn’t have left on my own but right now it’s leading me in a lot of new and exciting directions.

So take a few minutes to get all the anger and hurt out of your system and take a look at this from a new direction. If you’re reading this, you know the economy is changing into something brand new and there’s a lot of opportunity out there to get on to something new and exciting.

It’s your attitude towards a job search and an interview that will be one of the first things people notice and no one wants someone bitter and defeated, be honest – if you were hiring someone you wouldn’t want to be in the same room as that person.

So take a deep breath, settle down and we’ll start with the first tip from the Recruitment Underground (technically the second since I guess the above is the first) in the next installment.


2 Responses to “I Am So Screwed!”

  1. JD said

    James, I am witnessed to this senario much too often. Many times people are in a state of shock even though layoffs and job elimations are going on all around us.
    Your advice is sound and I always tell people to put their game face on and make sure they are upbeat. I wish you the best.

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