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James is currently writing on eBook and putting together a training program for people to take control of their careers outside of their jobs. He was until recently leading Executive Search for Life Technologies Corporation, a leader in the Life Sciences Industry and prior to that he was a Sr. Associate/Dir. of Research for Boyden Global Executive Search.

James is a proponent of Applied NLP, an instructor in San Miguel Eskrima and an avid motorcyclist.


4 Responses to “About”

  1. John Seetoo said


    Very well written and good content. Congrats!


  2. ritalim8 said


    I finally figured out how to login!

    Love your blog. Your posts are helping a LOT of people, please keep the ideas coming.


  3. Joe Johnson said

    Superb words of wisdom on your blog.
    Was wondering if you wanted to join my LinkedIn group? I have contacts in biotech.
    Also, my job at Lexmark is going away Oct 1st; they are dissolving the R&D group. So, I am looking for a position involving nanotechnology,nanoparticles, and maybe inkjet. Can you suggest any potential companies, even if they don’t have openings at this time.

    Joe Johnson

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